Did you know that your bones stop building around age 30? Or, that the small things we do every day, from a young age, impact the health and strength of your bones? It’s quite scary isn’t it?

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become brittle and fragile due to low bone mass and bone tissue loss. It is the most common type of bone disease and increases your risk of fractures, particularly of the hips, spine, and wrists.

The cold weather can get into our bones, even for the fittest of us but particularly if you suffer from Osteoporosis. The good news is strong muscles means strong bones, so keeping active is essential for us all from babies to the mature of us.

Foods bad for your bones

Fizzy drinks, caffeine and salty foods are all bad for your bones – although everything in moderation. Good sources of calcium include the obvious milk and yoghurts but also fatty fish such as sardines and dark leafy greens – yes eat your spinach. Remember you can’t undo the damage done to bone density but you can prevent further loss.

Exercise is good for your bones

It’s important to keep those muscles strong to protect your bones and weight bearing exercise are just the job. These include walking, hiking, tennis, dancing and even climbing stairs – basically any exercise where you are on your feet. If this feels a little adventurous why not try a Pilates, yoga or low impact exercise class.

Don’t be vain, use a cane

Especially during winter and if you suffer from Osteoporosis good balance is essential. If you have a walking stick or frame please use them to reduce the risk of falling.

A good routine is great for your bones. Making small changes can make a real difference, ditch the car and walk to the shops, join friends for a weekly walk or start an exercise class.

Whether you suffer osteoporosis or not, we can help create an exercise plan that is right for you, that fits with your lifestyle and most importantly will ensure you can continue doing the things you love. Call 01722 515 055 to book an appointment.