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Home Page – Update April 2021

Super excited and thrilled to announce that massage is back on the table (quite literally) and the gorgeous Gaby can again see patients and clients. Please call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment with Gaby or any of our practitioners.

We would also like to reassure you that Sarum continues to follow government guidelines and patient safety remains our top priority.

While shielding ceased on 01st April we are still able to offer remote physiotherapy and consultations for anyone who would prefer virtual treatment and support.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.


PS we are on Facebook and would love you to join us over there.


Just tell us what you want from your treatment – “I just want to feel better!”

Pain is bad for us:

  • At the very least, it affects our performance – at work, at home… wherever matters most
  • Nagging aches & pains that we ‘just put up with’
  • Backs & necks that hinder daytime activity and wreck a good night’s sleep
  • Joint pain. Muscular pain
  • Sports injuries. Work injuries. Active Service
  • Arthritis and other conditions that threaten Mobility
  • Day to Day. Lifting. Digging. Tripping. Falling. Keeping up with Children. RSI
  • “My feet are killing me!”

Pain says something’s wrong. Don’t just put up with it!

“Attending Sarum Physio is like walking into a family home. Everybody so friendly and happy but with a serious professional attitude when it comes to your individual aches and pains. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Derrick Foord

Our Menu of Services:

We are recommended by GPs, other complementary providers in the area and of course our clients, although you don’t need a referral to book an appointment. We also work with healthcare providers including BUPA, WPA and SimplyHealth.

Sarum Physio: Expertise. Experience. Empathy.