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Arriving in Salisbury, Jenny set up the Sarum Physio Centre in 1994 in partnership with Juliet Rogers. Jenny specialises in acupuncture, musculoskeletal and spinal conditions, biomechanics and sports injury physiotherapy As well as maintaining a clinical practice, she is committed to the continued development and growth of Sarum Physio Centre.

The month of love (the perfect time to love yourself)

February is the month of love and the perfect time to love yourself because you should. You’ve most likely heard the phrase ‘be kind to yourself’ many times and especially during 2020. Trouble is it’s not always easy to follow the advice and let’s be honest last year was anything but normal. The year we [...]

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Twenty twenty-one didn’t start with a bang

In the UK, twenty twenty-one began in lockdown and was not the beginning we had imagined. There were no parties, no dancing into the night and even the TV schedule on New Year’s Eve lacked sparkle. Limping across the line we moved from one crazy year into the next and YET I feel hopeful. Here [...]

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Breathing life in and being in the moment

Breathing life in was exactly what I did when I received the most gorgeous Christmas card from my grandson. It made me stop and appreciate all that I had IN that moment. Often and especially at this time of year busy takes over and as 2020 draws to a close everything appears a little harder. [...]

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Isolation: how to make it fun

Isolation is not fun for many, especially if you live alone. The year 2020 has not been what we expected or hoped for and the initial ‘fun’ of lockdown version 1.0 has dulled. We are all Zoomed out, quizzed out and pretty fed up. Yet, every day we hear from friends and family who need [...]

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Autumn, Jenny’s favourite season

Autumn is my favourite season, it’s when the leaves crunch underfoot and our senses are bombarded with colour and smell. The perfect time for mindful exercise – which is no more than you increasing your heartbeat (if only a little). It’s been a strange year and more than ever we need to be mindful of [...]

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Balance Awareness Week

It’s Balance Awareness Week, which has rather made me smile – giggle even. Not the week itself as this has an important role in raising awareness of vestibular disorders (find out more about here.). No, the reason for my smile was that back at the beginning of the year I published a blog about 2020 [...]

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Peter Rabbit is after our beetroot

Peter Rabbit is after our beetroot and in case you think I've gone made during lockdown, I promise I've not; although you will have to read on to find out more. The past few weeks, okay months, have been challenging for many reasons and in different ways for us all. From not being able to [...]

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A new perspective

At Sarum, every single member of the fabulous team is proud of the hands-on approach and service that we offer. Being able to put ourselves in your shoes and having the time to listen; meaning we provide the right treatment option for YOU always. Since COVID-19 exploded into our world, we are no longer able [...]

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There is no such thing as good posture

There’s no such thing as good posture, just your next position. This was tip number seven shared by Richard Gilbert in our birthday blog and it feels like the right time to dig a little deeper into what he meant. Experts, including Richard, believe there is no such thing as good posture. In fact, there [...]

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