In February 1994 on a snowy day, the doors of Sarum Physio were opened for the first time by Jenny Mears and Juliet Rogers. What a journey they’ve enjoyed and although a few bumps and bruises along the way they wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

As you can imagine bumps and bruises are presented almost daily at the Centre but what are they?

Bumps are swellings caused by fluid under the surface of the skin. While bruises are bluish or purple-coloured patches that appear because tiny blood vessels beneath the skin burst and leak blood into the soft tissue.  They might not appear immediately after injury but your skin or affected area will often feel tender to touch and you may experience swelling.

The quicker you act the better and a cold pack held on the area will help to reduce swelling. A packet of frozen peas (or other vegetable) will also do the job. If you’re using frozen vegetables we recommend wrapping them first to prevent ice burns (the bag that is and not the affected area)!

Bumps and bruises are common and in most cases, nothing to worry about – just painful and can be unsightly. The most commonly affected areas are elbows and knees and YOU may bruise more easily than the next person.

Can homoeopathic remedies help?

Karen, our homoeopath, notes on the injuries page of her website how arnica, rhus tox, ruta and other remedies have shown to be very effective in reducing the effect and recovery time of bumps and bruises.

Sportspeople regularly use homoeopathy including the French and German football teams and over a dozen Premier League football and national rugby teams. Professor Billigmann, sports doctor and head of Koblenz Institute for Performance Diagnostics and Sports Medicine openly uses homoeopathy. As does Dr Muller-Wohifarht who regularly treats top sportspeople such as Usain Bolt, Andy Murray and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sadly, as you age you will become more prone to bruising as the skin gets thinner and tissue beneath more fragile. There is no easy way to avoid bumps and bruises especially if you participate in sport regularly. The best advice we can offer everyone else is to slow down, watch your step and keep those elbows tucked in.

Twenty-four years young and proud of the bumps and bruises  – it’s what made the Centre the place it is today. Thank you all for your support.