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When walking hurts, mobility isn’t the only thing that suffers.

  • The rest of the body is under stress.
  • Serious medical conditions – notably diabetes – demand regular expert attention.

Susan Vaughan, our Chiropodist and Podiatrist works closely with the physiotherapy team. At your initial appointment, she identifies the factors causing or contributing to discomfort or pain and recommends appropriate treatment, including:

Routine and regular chiropody treatment includes:

  • Verrucae assessment and cryotherapy
  • Nail cutting service
  • In growing toenail care
  • General foot care advice

Painful feet? Diabetes? Contact Susan. No medical referral needed.

“Sue Vaughan has looked after our feet for a few years now and we are more than happy with the service provided.  She is very personable and does an excellent job so if anyone is looking for an experienced chiropodist we can thoroughly recommend her.”
– Mr and Mrs G Head of Warminster

Colin Campbell can help with special shoe inserts (orthoses) to help the feet – and therefore legs – function correctly. Working with Susan Vaughan to help YOU.

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