Beating the Winter Blues

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Beating the winter blues can be easier for some and for others truly a challenge, particularly if you suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Days are shorter and there is definitely a chill in the air. Christmas is coming like it or not. Brexit and now a General Election is dominating the news. Not to mention [...]

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Mindful exercises for Autumn

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Mindful exercises for Autumn may not actually be a thing. However, we think Autumn is the perfect time to mix up your exercise routine. And absolutely the time of year to be mindful. At its simplest mindfulness is no more than creating time to 'be'. It’s about switching off. And what better way than wrapping [...]

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Don’t let that scarf ruin your posture

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Don’t let that scarf ruin your posture this Autumn. Easily done as the nights draw in and the mornings are a little on the chilly side. Meaning you will be adding the layers and the scarfs are out. No matter if they are pretty in pattern and colour or the woolly kind – both can [...]

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Recognising International Week of Happiness at Work

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Happiness is a feeling, a sense of joy, it's when something makes you smile. It can come from something small or BIG and results in a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Making you grin from ear to ear or both. Many are striving for happiness. Hoping that the right job, increased earnings or completing a qualification [...]

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Celebrating Balance Awareness Week

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At Sarum, we’re celebrating Balance Awareness Week, which was created to raise awareness of Vestibular Disorders. The vestibular system includes the parts of the inner ear and brain that help control balance and eye movements. If the system is damaged by disease, ageing, or injury vestibular disorders can result. And is often associated with Vertigo [...]

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Pain shouldn’t slow you down

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Pain shouldn’t slow you down or stop you from living life. Yet at times it does. It can be miserable, be the root cause of depression and hold you back from improving your fitness or maintaining a healthy weight. At Sarum Physio, our aim is to keep you doing the things you love, for as [...]

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Working out doesn’t have to be scary

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Working out, exercising or 'getting' active. No matter which word you use, it really doesn't have to be scary. Thank goodness we hear you yell. At various times of the year, you might set the intention to get active or be more active. New Year is obvious, after the London Marathon or having enjoyed the [...]

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What’s it like being child?: Paediatric Physiotherapy

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What's it like being a child? It’s difficult to remember looking back. We’re so busy! Going to work, the weekly shop, endless school runs, ballet classes, rugby matches – not to mention old age! Being a child is one of the most exciting times of our lives. Brought into the big, scary world, with a [...]

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Summer the time for al fresco exercise

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Summer is the perfect time to take your exercise al fresco, as we've mentioned before. Creating a mindful session that is good for your health and wellbeing; while boosting your concentration and energy levels. I’m a huge fan of cycling as it’s such a great way to enjoy the outdoors with family, friends or with [...]

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Grandparent’s need your care

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Grandparent's need your care and June is the month to make them a priority. Yes, June is Care for your Grandparent's Month and the perfect time for us to share ways to help your loved ones stay fit and active. Everyone can benefit from moving more and exercise is known to prevent injury and falls, [...]

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