get rid of those niggles…

Riding in Aid of a great cause is a great motivator - Jenny and Linda riding in Aid of Help for Heroes around France! This time last year a dear friend Linda Walton and I with trepidation cycled off from home near Stockbridge to our shared holiday home in the foothills of the [...]

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We offer one-to-one and class-based instruction in modified Pilates. A recognized and endorsed exercise technique used by physiotherapists and recommended by orthopaedic surgeons. It can: •    Help prevent injury and improve postural awareness. •    Aid rehabilitation from injury. •    Enhance performance in sporting and everyday activities. Modified Pilates is based on the original 34 Pilates [...]

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New Year, New You!

New Year Resolutions are fun to make; the real difficulty is sticking to them, BUT you are never too old to try something new! The awesome Susie Tenty and Sue Goddard as the dancing Grannies in “A Christmas Carol” at the City Hall before Christmas are my inspiration for a New Year New You! January [...]

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No need to stress…

With Christmas around the corner, are you running out of time? Getting tense? Rushing around to fit in the school nativity, buy the tree and have the presents wrapped and the tree perfect. Before you know it you have strained your back, have neck pain and a tension headache. A few tips to help you [...]

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Sort out your kit and limber up!!!

After another fantastic summer of sporting events from the Ashes to the amazing result of the England football team NOW is the time for YOU to start that pre season training! Whatever your winter sport of choice, whether it’s rugby, hockey, football or another challenging outdoor sport you will need to be in tip top [...]

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Ready.. Get Set …Go!

Seeing everyone out enjoying the great outdoors immediately lifts the spirits and the Sarum Physio team want you to continue enjoy the sunshine and your training injury free!  So, whatever challenge you are preparing for …a half or full marathon perhaps, a charity walk or biking event maybe … your training should not be spoilt [...]

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…and one two three stretch!!

Talking with clients, especially runners, I like to ask what kind of stretching you do? So far there seems to be 3 main reoccurring answers; •  "I do a warm up" (including static stretches) •  "The first 5 miles is the warm up followed by static stretches post run" •  Lastly (I admire their honesty [...]

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High praise for Colin!

Recently Colin received a letter from a very happy father of a patient he had treated. Colin Toby won the top award at Andover RFC for best effort and sportsmanship last weekend the Junior Clubman Award. See the write up. Each year groups chooses a player with a story and Toby was nominated and had [...]

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New Service available for the little cuties!

Over the past few weeks we have welcomed a new addition to the team, bringing with her a wealth of experience and the new service of Peadiatric Physiotherapy. This specialism is aimed to create a happy and relaxed approach to physiotherapy sessions which would assist your child in reaching his or her maximum potential. Wendy [...]

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What are the advantages of pre and post event massage therapy?

I get a lot of questions with regards to ‘Sports Massage’, Such as, ‘what does it involve? How will it help me? When should I have one when I’m training for an event? Whether it is the marathon season or a goal to cycle from John’O’Groats to Lands End, if you are coming up to [...]

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