Skiing is a great way to have fun in the snow as well as enjoying the escapism into the mountains, but to get the most out of your holiday it is essential to get fit for skiing and ideally from at least 6 weeks prior.

It would be a mix of quads and triceps strengthening and CV fitness. This will ensure that the arms are fit enough for all those instances of having to ‘pole’ into/out of lifts, those annoying inclines and  ‘flats’ on some of the slope connections or run-outs.

CV fitness is essential to get the most out of your day and preserve a level of energy into the afternoons when mistakes are all too easy to make due to fatigue and this is the most accident prone period of the day.

Much of this can be done in the home, or at a gym club, but for non-gym members and those who would rather do some outdoor training then we can offer a pre-ski assessment and advise on the ideal prep. For the beginner we can also offer advice with regard to the correct equipment if thinking about purchasing your own.

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