Sarum Physio wrap up warm

We often find this time of year the practice starts to get a bit busier and this is partly down to an increase in weather related injuries. When the cold snaps happen and the rain persistently drives down, we all tend to stay indoors and sit huddled up, which can make us vulnerable.

Three points to remember to keep healthy this winter:

Keep active during the winter. Not exercising can make us feel less energetic and means we’re more likely to spend more time indoors nearer to people and therefore more likely to pick up things like colds, chest infections and seize up in general.

Wrap up warm is a must for everyone but especially those who suffer with arthritis, who must  take extra measures during the colder months. Stiffness and aches increase in severity during this time of year, so all you need to do is to wrap up warm, keep active and on the go.

Safety first, investing in new footwear for the winter months, you may have a good pair of boots or wellies that you got 3 or 4 years ago that are still comfy and warm, but remember to take a good look at the tread, is it worn or smooth in places? If the answer is yes then take care when the snow and ice appear!