iStock_000070150623_XXXLargeNew Year Resolutions are fun to make; the real difficulty is sticking to them, BUT you are never too old to try something new! The awesome Susie Tenty and Sue Goddard as the dancing Grannies in “A Christmas Carol” at the City Hall before Christmas are my inspiration for a New Year New You!

January is an opportunity to get into shape, feel healthier but most importantly … find something that makes you happy! Something new to revamp your mind and body and if you can bring in some socialising too even better!

Try something you fancy, but in moderation!
Don’t try and beat the Christmas bulge all in one go as this will invariably end in “pains” and “strains”. Start gradually, have a few small goals, and avoid risky or strenuous activities. This allows the body time to adapt to the new stresses and strains and let you know if there might be problems …. before it is too late.

Get advice and help before you start to avoid injury
Recently joining the Sarum team is Cally Morfitt who has a background in strength and conditioning … she loves getting you mobile and setting a goal or challenge to work towards. So if you have signed up for your first Park Run on Hudson’s field, joined a tap dancing class or the local gym … make sure you get you off to a safe start. Cally can provide you with good footwear advice, stretches and of course help in building up the right muscles.

If you have an old injury (a weak back, stiff shoulder, or unstable ankle) you will need to avoid certain movements, or keep to low impact, or perhaps have some specific exercises before you start. If you are in any doubt speak to your GP or have a Physio assessment so you are confident that your body is up to the challenge, and any aches and pains are sorted first.

What will you do?
So it could be Pilates, Yoga, the gym, cycling to work, a lunchtime walk, or even popping up and down the stairs if working from home! The main thing is to feel fitter and healthier, whilst preventing injury, and all with a smile on your face!