Sports word cloud

After another fantastic summer of sporting events from the Ashes to the amazing result of the England football team NOW is the time for YOU to start that pre season training! Whatever your winter sport of choice, whether it’s rugby, hockey, football or another challenging outdoor sport you will need to be in tip top condition. This applies whether you play for fun or competitively to ensure you get maximum enjoyment. So sort out your kit, especially the footwear, limber up your body and make sure you start off in peak condition.

The team at Sarum Physiotherapy Centre (SPC) believe that taking part in a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle couldn’t be more important and with good preparation and the right kit you will soon be match ready!

Set yourself some goals..…maybe get up early and walk to work, or lube up that bike and go a little further, team up with friends or join a local sports club. You will soon feel fitter and trimmer and ready for your winter sport of choice or on track for the Christmas party season (sorry did we say Christmas)!

If the injuries and niggles have already struck it is never too late to get back on track; if you are suffering sprains, strains, back and neck pain, the quicker you get down to SPC the better. A team of 8 “hands on” physiotherapists are there to advise and can also provide exercise and training programmes. Injury prevention is the key to starting off well, maintaining momentum, and hopefully keeping you “off” the treatment couch during the season!

Whether it’s relief from a sports injury with some physiotherapy, posture and flexibility improvement from a Pilate’s class, relieving painful feet from those killer heels by Sue the chiropodist or just a good massage – the Sarum Physiotherapy team can help you get Winter fit.

So no excuses…time to get set, ready and going for the new season ahead.