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With Christmas around the corner, are you running out of time? Getting tense? Rushing around to fit in the school nativity, buy the tree and have the presents wrapped and the tree perfect. Before you know it you have strained your back, have neck pain and a tension headache.

A few tips to help you have a pain free time.

Share the load: it takes two to put the Christmas tree in place, and nothing like some team effort to lift the turkey, make the beds, and decorate the house.

Drinks party back: try and pull in the muscles below your belly button gently and see how long you can hold them and keep repeating (with each top up of the glass!) Keep your weight balanced on both feet.

Posture posture posture: Time out is really important, but remember not to sink into the sofa, or slump in front of the TV, before you know it those tight muscles relax too far , the back overloads and you get stuck!

Keep active: Less pre dinner surfing and more after dinner strolling!

Avoid Grandpas knee: Break up the enthusiasm for the new scalextric into bite size pieces, try kneeling on a cushion, and make sure there is a nearby sofa to help you get up off floor!

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