It’s that time of year again! Out come the spades and wellies, and time to put your garden to bed. Moving those pots and digging the allotment need good lifting techniques and a healthy back. Repetitive clipping and tidying can overload the arms causing painful problems such as Tennis elbow, shoulder and wrist strains and reaching high to trim that overgrown hedge can cause neck pain.

Back and neck problems affect people of all ages and gardening becomes a painful experience. Try these simple tips to make gardening easier on your back.

•   Warm up first by gently stretching your muscles. If it’s cold, wear enough layers to keep the muscles warm, or perhaps wait until later in the day when the sun is up.

•   Avoid repetitive garden work. Change your position regularly, keep taking breaks and drink plenty of fluids.

•   Don’t lift heavy objects. If you have to lift that garden pot, keep it close to your body, and remember to bend your knees and keep your back straight. AND never never twist, bend and lift.

•   Long handles can stop you stooping, and get the wheelbarrow out to move heavy objects.

•   If you are feeling vulnerable a light back support can help protect your back and remind you to take care.

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