Good shoes._.bad shoes!

Seeing everyone out enjoying the great outdoors immediately lifts the spirits and the Sarum Physio team want you to continue enjoy the sunshine and your training injury free!  So, whatever challenge you are preparing for …a half or full marathon perhaps, a charity walk or biking event maybe … your training should not be spoilt by injury!

Jenny and the team at Sarum Physio have a few top tips to keep you on course and prevent mishap.

Check out your footwear. Make sure it is for the right activity. If you need new trainers get them well in advance of a challenge to make sure they fit and are comfy. Those poor feet take all the impact! If that is not enough, Colin can fit you up with bespoke insoles.

Start slow and increase your training by approximately 10 percent weekly. All the hard work is in the training helping to strengthen the right muscles and reducing sprains and strains.

Never train on empty. Keep well hydrated, this helps the body refuel and repair, alongside a healthy diet of course!

Introduce new sports gently so the muscles get used to unfamiliar stretches and activity. It is best to start with low impact to give the body time to adjust, and prevent overexertion of muscles and joints.

Key to success is a strong core, good flexibility and good preparation!!

If you are struggling with niggles or worries Sarum Physio can offer a variety of treatment such as manipulation, electrotherapy, massage, and the all-important advice for training, stretching and footwear, to help you “Train hard and Finish easy”.