In the coming months, the football and rugby season will come to an end. The boots go away and the whites come out. Are you ready for the new season?

The London marathon last weekend will result in more of you pounding the streets. Some of you might even start preparing for The Race For Life events. It’s time to prepare and ready your body and it’s not just elite athletes that need to do this. Oh no, its folks just like you and me.

There are of course the obvious ways to get ready, including check your footwear. It’s recommended that runners completing five three mile runs a week should change their trainers every six months. Check your footwear before you start, they need to provide comfort and support for your sport of choice.

Old injuries, aches and pains can really hold you back or worse result in you giving up before you start. If you’re worried about a health condition, go get a check-up with your doctor. For all other aches and pains … you guessed it … come and see us.

How we can help

At Sarum we don’t just treat the injury we create individualised exercise plans to prevent future injury. Strengthening areas of weakness and providing you support in achieving your sporting goals. No matter if you are aiming to make the first team or decided to run a marathon, we can help.

Start slow, this is extremely important if you’ve not been active during the winter. Create an exercise plan, set goals and be realistic. Do it with friends, we’ve said this before but exercising with friends has huge benefits and it’s more fun.

Whether you are looking for relief from an old sports injury with some physiotherapy. Posture and flexibility improvement from Pilate’s or just a good massage. The Sarum Physiotherapy team is here to get you season fit.

No excuses call 01722 415 055 and get ready for the new season ahead.