You wouldn’t put the heels on to walk the dog. Or grab your wellies for a shopping trip with the girls? Or leave your golf shoes on for a pint down the pub!

The right footwear is important and enables you to perform at your best. And we are not talking about on the dance floor! They help to prevent injury, which is fantastic news if you are a professional, amateur or partake in sport for fun. It is recommended that if you play sport three or more times a week, you should be wearing sport-specific shoe. Even if you are only playing for fun, we still suggest you wear the right shoe to help prevent injury – if not to enhance your performance!

The categories and choices are endless. So, if you can buy from a speciality store, you will be provided with guidance in making the right choice. Sole Obsession here in Salisbury, located on Fisherton Street, has an excellent reputation and is well worth popping in to chat over your needs with their experienced team.

Which footwear do you need?

  • Athletic/Running Shoes for running, training and includes jogging.
  • Walking shoes/Sandals/Boots for walking and hiking.
  • Court shoes for basketball, badminton or indoor tennis player.
  • Field sports are often studded or spiked and used by football and rugby players,
  • Track and field again often spiked for the runner, thrower or jumper.
  • Outdoor sports, yes, there is even footwear for hunting and fishing … and boating!

Speciality sports such as golfing and cycling, and you definitely wouldn’t wear these out!

It can be very confusing, and each type of shoe has a different purpose. Add to this the needs of the individual (that’s you). The foot has to be both a “loose bag of bones” followed by a rigid lever for running, while different surfaces and activities pose other stresses and strains. You might have an ongoing or long-term injury needing additional support or an insole.

Sarum Physiotherapy Centre Biomechanics Clinic runs a treatment and advisory service, and if you have made the wrong choice, we are here to help resolve the situation, but we don’t sell shoes of any description!

Book today to get the right footwear on and enjoy sport on your terms!