Are YOU feeling like a pressure pot, shouting for the world to stop so you can get off? Do YOU need to re-calibrate, re-energise and return focused and ready to tackle anything?

Stress is primarily a physical response to that which is happening around us. It’s the flight or fight mode that has kept humankind alive. Sadly, more and more of us are suffering and not because a sabre-toothed tiger is chasing us.

It’s the everyday life we live and how we cope in the modern world. Rushing here and there, taking on more than we can manage and trying to be perfect in all we do. Resulting in you feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

Exercise is highly beneficial in combating stress and the great news is that virtually any type of exercise can help, from Pilates to Zumba. It improves your health and wellbeing so a win win in our books.

Gets endorphins working

Regular exercise helps with the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. The runners high, where you quite simply feel great.

It improves mood

Yes, exercise really can help improve the way you feel. It can increase self-confidence and help lower the symptoms associated with mild depression. Team sports also have an additional benefit of adding a social element to your work out.

Clears your mind

By concentrating on working out the internal chatter of your mind gets a rest. Focusing on the task at hand results in clearer thinking. Allowing your brain to stop thinking about all that is worrying you and enabling you to make better decisions.

Improves sleep

It sounds obvious but regular exercise can improve your ability to sleep. Sleep deprivation is like driving when drunk, that’s how important it is to get your eight hours. Regular exercise can help you achieve this.

Stress isn’t just suffered by adults

Children also suffer, particularly those taking exams. Exercise can be equally beneficial for teenagers in reducing stress and to improve focus when needed. We asked Caroline Cavanagh the Anxiety Expert and who specialises in working with teenagers for her thoughts on this.

Getting teens away from their Xboxes and gizmos to exercise can be stressful in itself!  Teenage girls are also well known for dropping sport once they start secondary school.  But there is a way to get them exercising that is not perceived as exercise…!  A quick bop around the kitchen or family game of Just Dance releases those same endorphins. Music also has a big neurological impact that can reduce stress too – yet another win win!

Make time for sport in your life, for a better life and if you are worried about an old injury or a new one impacting your exercise routine then please get in touch. At Sarum Physio we treat you as an individual with personalised treatment plans. Give us a call today on 01722 415 055.

And if you have a teen who is feeling the stress running up to exams, find out more about Caroline’s exam resource pack here – 10 resources to support revision and exam performance.  Or to find out more about how music, exercise, along with many other techniques can reduce anxiety, get Caroline’s book, Anxiety Alchemy here.