Apparently earlier this month it was International Friendship Day (August 6th) which got us thinking here at Sarum how much easier exercise is when done with friends. Not only great to keep you motivated but to keep in touch.

With Winter not far away – sorry folks – now is the time to grab a friend and start something together, helping to ensure you carry on during the colder months. Whether you are training seriously or just want to improve your health and fitness training together is better. Here are five reasons why.

Keeps you motivated

It can be hard to get excited about putting on your running shoes when it’s cold outside and easy to find an excuse to stay on the sofa.

It’s fun

A chance to catch up, gossip and share the funnier moments of training. Why not try something new and feel silly together!

Easier to mix it up

Two heads and all that … so when training starts to get a little boring put your heads together (not literally) and mix it up.

You work harder

In pairs or groups you will work harder at your chosen activity and the support you receive will push you that little bit further.

You’ll stick at it

If you find it hard to stick with something doing it with friends will help!

The best thing about exercise is the variety available and you really are spoilt for choice. If the gym is not for you try running, Zumba, golf, netball, squash, the list is endless.

On a more serious note, exercise is important to maintain your ideal weight but also has a positive impact on your wellbeing. In addition, it’s great for building your confidence, improving sleep and believe it or not improving your memory! Step one, phone a friend and get started, small steps and all that!

Don’t let an old injury or aches and pains stop you enjoying yourself, book in for a body MOT before you start. At Sarum Physio we can also provide you exercises to help prevent injury and offer advice on the right footwear.

Go on, do it together its more fun!