If you ask me, the school holidays are ending far too quickly, and like me, you might be starting to feel a little blah.

Or perhaps the summer fun has left you feeling the strain. Maybe you are feeling a little blah after the excitement of the holidays and the England Lionesses winning the European Championships, the incredible Commonwealth Games and European Championships.

While the summer holidays are the perfect time for switching off, taking a break from work and your fitness routine. A time to kick back and allow life to be a little slower. When you perhaps give yourself permission to kick sand, wiggle your toes in the sea and skip the gym. You might now be feeling a little flat. Guilt may be creeping in for the days you didn’t run, play or get out on the court. And your favourite trousers, skirt or favourite dress may feel slightly tighter.

Perhaps the strain comes from having the kids at home all day, every day! Or the grandchildren creating havoc in your garden playing football. Or maybe you crave routine again.

I must admit that I’ve loved the summer and spending time with my newest grandson in France. Extra special because he, my daughter and her husband live in America. I’m also grateful for the time I’ve spent with hubby Alan, who travels a lot, and it’s been wonderful having him around.

The team have also been enjoying some time away from the Centre. Kiri and Rich enjoyed family time and fun in Cornwall. Katy and hubby hopped in their VW camper van with the girls to explore, and Georgie took a cheeky week in Sicily for some Pilates zen! Meanwhile, Matt puts us all to shame with his head firmly studying for his masters!

But with Summer almost done, are you ready to reset?

Shift the strain and lift the blah

First, I want you to be in the moment of where you are today and not worry about what you did or didn’t do over the summer. The gym is still open, your running shoes can be quickly dusted off, and your muscles will remember all they know. So, hopefully, having read that, you are now breathing a sigh of relief and ready to reset. And here are a few ways to do that and ready yourself for Autumn, one of my favourite times of the year.

  1. Ask yourself what you were doing before the summer that helped keep you active, fit, and healthy was good for your heart, soul and mind. Then, if you’d like to return to the same routine, choose and commit to a date and get back to it, slowly, full force or however feels easy.
  2. Take a moment to consider what you would like to try. Is there anything you’d like to change about your diet or exercise routine? Would you like to change your working boundaries, for example? Big or small, add it to the plan and commit.
  3. Get the equipment ready. Clean the golf shoes, scrub the clubs, or freshen up your running gear. Check your gym membership hasn’t lapsed, and connect with your exercise buddy and sporting friends. Be ready for that start date.
  4. Take care of yourself. Perhaps you need a massage to ease away the summer holiday madness. Or would benefit from attending a meditation class or a last leisurely lunch with friends.
  5. Book a body MOT. With us, if you fancy and especially if you have an old ache, pain or niggle as we love those. Yes, we’ve got you covered from physio to sports massage, chiropody to biomechanics. Plus, we can provide a personalised exercise programme to bring you back to pre-summer condition.

Final few words

Although I used the word full force above, I would encourage you to ease back into your fitness or exercise routine to give your muscles time to adjust. There is no rush, and your body will thank you for it. Start with small changes to your diet and routine and make it easy to return to your pre-summer activity. Again, your body will thank you for it, and you are more likely to continue.

Remember, we are here for you and don’t mind whether you are looking to ease the strain or get back to full fitness. An elite athlete who needs our help or a grandparent who wants to be fit and ready to put the garden to bed. Call 01722 415 055 to speak with our friendly reception team and to make an appointment.