As the seasons change and we move into my favourite Autumn, you might feel like pulling out the jumpers, gloves and most loved scarf. You may feel like hunkering down and wishing the warmer weather and sunshine were still with us. Equally, you might feel a little sadness for what has passed, drinks in the garden, evening walks and days out with loved ones.

When seasons change, you do. You might feel differently, and with the drop in temperature, find it harder to exercise and make an effort to meet your friends. It feels as if everything requires more effort.

Make you the priority

Not a new concept or something you’ve not heard before, but it can feel more challenging in the colder months and seasons. And as Christmas draws closer, sorry about mentioning the C word, you can quickly get drawn into the rush of the festive seasons and its preparations.

So, what can you do? First, make looking after yourself part of what you do, just like brushing your teeth. As opposed to something you’ve got or need to do. Take a moment now and decide how to make you the priority and what looking after you might look like; here are some ideas.

  • Weekly bath, with candles, your favourite book and a glass of wine if you like
  • Daily meditation, or find mindful moments in the day to stop and breathe
  • Rising before the rest of the house a little earlier to drink your morning cuppa in peace
  • A monthly treat, which might be dinner with friends or a relaxing massage

Get your Autumn glow on

Embrace the new season we’ve been gifted and take time to notice the change of colour in nature. Run through the leaves with your children or grandchildren, and hear the crunch or squelch, depending on the weather. Feel the chill on your skin and wind in your hair, and the best way to do this is at the beach, which should never be just for summer.

On dry days, ditch the car, walk to the shops, and listen to uplifting music or a podcast. Smile at those you pass, say hello and talk about the weather, a favourite topic for all. Don’t let the cold or damp stop you from getting out and about. Instead, embrace the elements.

  • Add a weekly home facial to your routine; this isn’t just for the ladies!
  • Walk with friends in the local parks, and make it a regular habit that you just do
  • Switch your outdoor exercise to something indoors you can do with others
  • Visit your favourite summer haunts to experience the difference in Autumn

Make taking care of yourself what you do

If you are given exercises by us, for instance, do them daily because they will make a difference. Been advised to take action to benefit your health, take action. If you want to prioritise your well-being, decide how and make it happen. And don’t worry if you miss a few days. Instead of giving yourself a hard time, start again.

Since NOW is always the perfect time, there IS nothing to stop you from committing to YOU in this beautiful season today. Always wanted to try the gym, book a taster season, fancy walking netball or football, find a group, and give it a go. Want to spend a little more time with your friends? Call them and decide together how you can make this a weekly or monthly habit.

See Autumn as a new beginning

Many see September as a new beginning, the start of the school year – back to it after the summer holidays. Every season offers us something unique, and Autumn brings spectacular colour and a change in temperature, which for some is a relief. It’s a glorious hug, like a hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and sprinkles.

And if you’d like to make massage part of your new routine to put you first, call 01722 415 055 for an appointment with Gaby our fabulous masseur.