Summer is here, well and truly with us. Although rather glad that as I write this, the temperature has dropped, and there is a slight breeze in the air.

Now this month, it would have been easy for me to drop into the trend that has emerged over the past few weeks and provide you with tips for exercising in the heat. And I do have a few, which I will share in a moment. But first, I really hope you’ve planned some time downtime this August, whether that requires you to get on a plane or a fabulous staycation right here in the UK.

I hope you’re gifting yourself time to spend with loved ones, doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t enjoy, which might be exercise. And it IS totally okay to take a break from the gym, so do that if you need to and allow yourself a chance to fully rest. The value of recharging and sleep is underestimated (although sleep might have been challenging during the recent heatwave), so give yourself permission for both this summer.

But when I say rest, I mean mind, body and soul.

Stepping away from devices, the rush of day-to-day living, finding time to be, and putting your health and wellbeing first. In fact, you might find some of the tips shared in a long-ago blog written to celebrate Sarum’s 26th birthday – a reminder of what you can do.

Or perhaps exercise is an essential part of your self-care, in which case you might enjoy another blog from the past where I talked about alfresco exercise. Creating a mindful session is good for your health and wellbeing while boosting your concentration and energy levels, so give it a go.

Remember to slow down this summer.

At the very least, I hope you will see the month ahead as a chance to slow down and allow yourself time. Time to walk more, laugh more and perhaps try something new. And don’t worry about your muscles; they have the most fantastic memory and won’t forget a thing. So, allow yourself to take a break from your exercise routine if you need to.
Enjoy the local parks and green spaces, and leave your mobile at home.

Why not pick up a chilled drink, sit by the water, watch the day drift by, and give your busy mind a break. Be present and in the moment when you are with friends or family. Ignore the distractions of everyday daily life; it will all be there when you get back, so relax.

But what if you want to continue exercising?

Okay, I promised you some tips, and the obvious is to work out or exercise in the cooler times of the day and stay hydrated. But please remember to warm up even on a hot day and always warm down – your muscles will thank you for it. Plus, dress appropriately for the weather and activity, and always wear the right shoes for the job. And perhaps put aside your need for a personal best.

Before I sign off…

I’ve two more blogs from the archives to share with you. The first is to help you avoid injury before leaving the house for your holiday because if you’re already suffering aches and niggles you will most likely overcompensate for them when carrying your bag or suitcase. So, give it a read and if you need to book in today for a holiday MOT and lets us get you sorted before you fly.

The second is how to be beach ready without going to the gym. Yes, you can be beach ready instantly, and it’s all to do with posture. Something that will also help you to reduce the chance of a back or even neck injury from carrying your case!

And finally, a summer message from us to you.

As I draw this blog to a close, there is plenty for us to get excited about with the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham starting very soon. Whether you have tickets or will be watching on television, I have no doubt it will be an incredible event. And depending on when you are reading this some very exciting women’s football to watch!

Leaving me with one last job, which is to wish you a super restful break over the summer. And don’t worry, we are open if you need us, but we hope you don’t.