Autumn is my favourite season, it’s when the leaves crunch underfoot and our senses are bombarded with colour and smell. The perfect time for mindful exercise – which is no more than you increasing your heartbeat (if only a little).

It’s been a strange year and more than ever we need to be mindful of and take care of our mental health. Autumn is the perfect time to do this and we’re extremely fortunate here in Salisbury to be surrounded by green spaces.

A short drive and you’re in the New Forest and Mottisfont is glorious at the moment. As is my favourite Stourhead. Beautiful places to meet up with family and loved ones for a leisurely stroll or yomp.

Let’s be honest, we’ve been stuck indoors for too long and lockdown for many was challenging. So, there’s no better time for pulling on your wellingtons, kicking up the leaves and searching for conkers (which by the way are huge this year).

When the sun is out there is still warmth in the rays, so layers are highly recommended. I also suggest a good pair of walking boots for a more serious walk and to keep your feet dry.

What does Autumn mean to you?

Keats describes this time of year as the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. Making me think of early morning walks and open fires. It’s also harvest time, another reminder of gifts from the earth and a chance to show kindness to others.

A time when children can still play outside and their laughter can be heard across the fields. And when church bells can be caught floating on the wind, bringing a little magic to our world.

Autumn is definitely a time for mindfulness.

A time to reflect and since 2020 has been nothing like we expected I suggest you focus on the positive. The Thursday support of the NHS and worldwide acts of kindness – there is much to be thankful for.

Perfect time to pull on your woolly hat and tramp the downs (Laverstock comes to mind). An opportunity to met up with family and share a flask of hot chocolate, or mulled wine if you’re over eighteen.

There is no better time to join a walking group, WALX Salisbury has just arrived on our ‘shores’ and I love Nordic Walking, which is how I met the owner of WALX Salisbury. Check out their Facebook page and give it a like here.

While at Sarum we might be operating slightly differently since reopening our doors, all services are available. So, if you’ve a new or old injury preventing you from enjoying this beautiful season, call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment. We’ll soon have you kicking up the leaves like a six-year-old!