Have you been inspired to dust off those running shoes, rummage the loft for a tennis racquet or hop on your bike? Over the past few months, we have enjoyed rugby, football, tennis, golf and so much more, culminating in the Rio Olympics. Add to this the glorious summer that is being enjoyed and a flood of newbies to sport appear, some come out of retirement, while others like you and me are simply enthused to take up something new.

Perhaps you intend heading out to the hills on foot, bike or in your running shoes, thinking about joining a sports club or taking lessons on the golf course. Whatever you have been motivated to do or try you should first pay attention to your equipment and that includes your body!

It is very easy to get carried away, thinking you are the next Adam Peaty in the pool or Justin Rose on the golf course (and you may well be) but without proper preparation injury may quickly set you back … back to the sofa! You may even be put off getting on your bike or trying something new because of an old injury.

Aches, pains and niggles or returning injury pain is often why following the initial enthusiasm to improve our fitness we give up. The benefits of physical exercise to your health both short and long term is well documented. At Sarum Physio we don’t believe you should be prevented from taking part, getting active or doing the things you love because of pain or worry about potential injury.

Our key focus in treatment is to keep you on the move and doing the things you love. This equally applies to trying something new or just making sure you are ready to get back out onto the field. Our multi-disciplinary team work to get YOU body fit, back to your peak and enjoying sport pain free, or to a professional level for our gold medal winners of the future.

Are you ready to take on a new sport, return to playing at club level or just want to improve your fitness?

If you answered yes, then give us a call and come in for a body MOT. We can also assist you in developing a training programme, help to ensure you have the right footwear, provide stretches and training tips. Or simply treat ANY temperamental existing problems that may be holding YOU back.