As a parent, you may have just breathed a sigh of relief as the children return to school and normality and calm is restored. All going to plan you managed to send them off with new haircuts and shoes and correctly labelled uniform.

Your days are now a slightly different ‘rush’ – the breakfast morning routine is back … ‘where are my shoes?’, ‘have you done your homework?’ and the morning battle with traffic resumed. Not forgetting the end of day school run, keeping the house running, the taxi of mum and dad and daily work stress.


At times it feels like we are on a hamster wheel, rushing here and there and our minds working faster than our bodies … or even the other way around. Add to this the pressures of work, financial worries or an unwell relative and our minds and bodies start to fizz with stress.

Stress can manifest in different ways from headaches to increased heart rate – some more serious than others. It’s easy to ignore warning signs and quite simply just keeping going until BANG – your back goes, you get a dreaded cold or even flu that sees you taking to your bed and you might suffer chronic fatigue.

Imagine there was a way to avoid getting to that breaking point and a means of keeping your mind and body sound. Doesn’t that sound a better way of ‘running’ your life? At Sarum Physio, we have a solution to keep you fighting fit and ready to tackle the next load of washing, late night requests for a school play costume or crisis at work.

Massage is one of the oldest and simplest of treatments, and is a natural way of releasing tension and pain that is being held in the body, which has often occurred as a result of stress! You don’t even have to be unwell to enjoy the benefits and used regularly it really can help you deal with day to day life by improving: your sleep, relaxing muscles and strengthening your immune system to name but a few reasons to give massage a try.

Our massage team include Cally Morfitt and Gaby Piontek who work closely with our physiotherapists. Both are highly experienced and Gaby has been with Sarum Physio for nearly ten years! You wouldn’t dream of not having a regular hair cut (or colouring the grey) now would you? So why not add a regular massage into YOUR health and beauty regime, for beauty from within!

Don’t let stress or aches and pains hold you back, don’t let the day to day rush cause you discomfort and don’t let ‘not enough time’ be the reason you don’t book an appointment. We understand how busy your lives can be and can offer both early bird and evening appointments.

Put you first and call our friendly reception today to book your first appointment to a healthier YOU!