Tennis, strawberries and cream and the all-important Pimms. Although obviously at Sarum we’re not seeing injuries from too many strawberries or Pimms, we are seeing tennis injuries.

So, with Wimbledon just around the corner, this blog will focus on the game of white shorts and yellow balls. And here is the reason we are seeing injuries of the tennis variety.

Just like the golfers, tennis players have thrown themselves back into the game, forgetting that their body wasn’t used to the movement on the court. The swift backhand and arch of the serve resulting in an ‘ouch’ or even limping off the court.

While it’s wonderful to be back playing the sports you love, please give a thought to your ankles, elbows and wrists, not forgetting knees, back and neck.

Because even if you’ve been keeping fit during the past twelve months, you’ve most likely not been using your body in the same way as you would on the court. So it won’t surprise you to hear me say that it’s essential that you warm up – yes warm up your muscle and joints before you start playing And always warm down, and I’m not talking about sipping a Pimms here – although you can once you’ve done the warm down exercises.

Please remember to stretch back, leg and arm muscles diligently in order to avoid injury. And here are five exercises you can try to help reduce the chance of injury and to improve your game.

Side Shuffle (a fabulous tennis warm-up)

Stand nice and tall, then move laterally using a side shuffle movement in one direction, then in the other. Look in front of you as much as possible when you move. Repeat ten times on each side.

Side Shuffle

Wrist Extensors Stretching

Stand with your arms at your side. Bend your wrist and bring your arm back until you feel a stretch in your forearm. Apply pressure on your wrist with the other hand to increase the stretch. Maintain the position and relax. Repeat ten times on each side.

Wrist Extensor

Hamstring Stretch (a lovely stretch for all and not just tennis players)

Keeping the back straight, bring one leg in front and bend the trunk forward. Raise the toes as much as possible as you push the hips back to stretch the back of your leg. Keep the knee straight. Repeat ten times on both sides.

Hamstring Stretch

Posterior Cuff Stretch (another lovely stretch for all)

Stand straight and bring one arm in front of your body at shoulder height. Use the opposite arm to lightly push on your elbow to accentuate the stretch. Hold the position when you feel a comfortable stretch behind the shoulder. Do not rotate the trunk. Repeat ten times on both sides.

Posterior Cuff Stretch

Tennis Forehand (with elastic)

Tie an elastic behind you at waist level and hold it with your hand in a tennis forehand position. Get in a split stance and pull the elastic forward in a tennis forehand motion. Repeat the motion, coming back slowly between each repetition. Repeat ten times on both sides.

Tennis Forehand

Now, if my advice has come too late. Please call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment and let us design an exercise routine just for you. That way you can get back on the court swinging with ease and nailing those aces!

Of course, we’re not just here for injury and sports professionals and amateurs. We welcome all aches, pains and niggles – anything that is stopping you from living your best life.