Are you training for a race or marathon this Spring, this year or even next? If the answer is yes, don’t let old injuries hold you back, book an assessment with one of our physios to address any niggles before the niggle becomes a problem.

It’s all in the preparation as they say, and you don’t want a niggle to impact your training. The good news is that at Sarum Physio our resident running expert Leona Puxley to maximise your training and help you with exercises to prevent injury.

Introducing Sarum’s running expert

Leona has a PGDip in Sports Physiotherapy and uses video gait analysis to assess lower limb biomechanics. She is also trained in Pilates and uses this approach with her individual clients. Making her the perfect Physiotherapist for marathon runners, Parkrun runners and jogging for fun runners.

With a recent study showing that a healthy lifestyle can deliver an extra decade disease-free there is no better time than now to sign up for your first marathon. And below we share our top five tips for achieving that personal best.

  1. Choose the right shoes and socks. Yes, socks and start wearing them now (okay you might need more than one pair of socks), plus we recommend those designed specifically for running (shoes and socks).
  2. Mimic the course by running over similar terrain to prepare the body. Although it sounds obvious road running is very different from across local park or fields and more importantly the impact on your legs and ankles.
  3. Practise drinking while you run. Sounds silly but if you’re running a marathon you will need to take on fluids and this can be trickier than you think. Plus, it’s worth finding out in advance where the drink stations will be on the day itself. That way you can train with this in mind.
  4. If you’re running a marathon this Spring, you will have most likely started your training back in December. If not, get help now to design your training plan and stick to it, as its all in the preparation.
  5. Your mindset for training and on the day is essential. Get the right team around you and to support you (and Sarum would be honoured to be part of your preparation team).

Whether you’re running a marathon or simply running to improve your health and wellbeing, we’re here for you. From designing a personal exercise plan to help prevent injury to working on those pesky old injuries. At Sarum, we keep you on the move and doing the things you love for as long as you want.

Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment with Leona or any of our physios.