Balanced, yes 2020 is perfectly balanced and we’ve entered a new year, begun a new decade and it’s going to be totally awesome.

Will you create a balanced life in 2020?

With all the hype it being a Leap year seems to have been forgotten. That day when ladies can propose to the man of their dreams if they so fancy. But what strikes us at Sarum (and more important than it being a Leap year) is that the number itself is balanced. Making it the perfect year to finally attain just that in your life and leave hustle and bustle behind.

Busy has become a badge that is worn with pride, everyone keen to share their struggle, woes and worries – and be the busiest.

Who says that this is the only way?

Many do not believe it so and make feeling ‘good’ a priority. Accepting that from this place anything can be achieved, manifested, attained and received.

What an awesome way to live?

Obviously we need to put a healthy slant on this blog, which is easy when exercise has such a powerful impact on our health and wellbeing – and creating balance. It can be social; it can be fun and there are so many ways to get active.

But before you break out into a cold sweat thinking of the gym and all that machinery you’ve no idea how to work. What if being active was a simple as getting outside, in the garden, walking to work or once a week taking a stroll.

The key is to put your face to the wind or sun or rain and smile.

We’ve blogged before about mindful exercise and our wish for you in 2020 is not to build muscle like Arnold Schwarzenegger (unless that’s your desire). No. Instead, make small changes and take the time to create balance in your life.

The good news is; there is no need to find all the solutions right away, just start with one small step. A first step which at Sarum we highly recommend is YOU getting outside with your face to the elements grinning like a Cheshire cat. And here is why:

1.     Being outside lifts your mind and reduces stress and can be achieved from a short stroll, walk along the beach or a hundred-mile yomp.

2.     Leaving the 21st Century stressors behind improves your centration. Yep, turning off those devices and giving yourself a tech detox is a good thing.

3.     You will sleep better, and we all know how important sleep is to how we function and our general wellbeing.

4.     Your immune system will receive a boost, helping to keep those coughs and colds at bay.

How will you achieve balance in your life in 2020?

Get in touch if you need a little help to improve mobility have an old injury that is keeping you stuck indoors or want to achieve balance in your life.