Health and wellbeing: twenty-six tips. The perfect way to celebrate our twenty-sixth birthday, which is on Friday the 14th of February.

The doors to Sarum opened back in 1994 on a snowy day with just two physios, one treating patients and the other waiting by the telephone. Since that first day, the practice has grown and the team expanded, as have our services. From physio to massage, from chiropody to homoeopathy we’ve got you covered from top to toe.

Twenty-six health and wellbeing tips

  1. Smile, laugh… love life.
  2. Head outside and put your face to the sun, wind or rain. No matter the weather exercising outside is awesome.
  3. A massage is never wasted is the motto shared by Gaby Piontek (Masseur) who also wants you to know that investing in yourself is a good thing.
  4. Drink more fluids… preferably water, a simple way of improving your skin and boosting your energy levels.
  5. Improve your balance by standing on one foot whilst on the telephone or stand with one foot in front of the other, heel to toe in a straight line, for as long as you can. A tip shared by Georgie Duff (Physiotherapist) who promises it gets easier with practice.
  6. Get in touch with a friend or relative that you’ve not seen in a while and get a date in the diary to meet up.
  7. There’s no such thing as good posture, just your next position. #Keepmoving #keepactive. This is a great tip from Richard Gilbert (Physiotherapist), who also added the hashtags.
  8. Switch off all devices at least one hour before bedtime to improve your sleep.
  9. Get more sleep, as this is the time your body repairs and your mind rejuvenates.
  10. Alex Beck (Physiotherapist) encourages you to lead by example to help your children learn to love being active. Suggesting that you build activity into family time and expose them to lots of different sports and activities; as specialising early can lead to burn out and injury. Keep it fun, let them choose what they enjoy!
  11. Change your exercise routine, mix it up and try something new. Why not give Nordic Walking a try, join a Zumba class or take up ballroom dancing? Don’t limit yourself and have more fun with exercise.
  12. The lovely Jan Hammond, a valuable member of our reception team say’s ‘Mental health – a large glass of wine after work!’ In moderation of course!
  13. Ditch the sugar and cut it out of your diet where you can. You might be surprised by how much hidden sugar is in the food you eat, so remove what you can see and don’t need.
  14. Listen to more music and dance like nobody is watching. Great for lifting the mood, music is a powerful wellbeing tool that is easy to use.
  15. Leona Puxley (Physiotherapist) wants us to smile more and she is pretty sure it’s a bona fide health tip, as it reduces stress and increases wellbeing! She also says move every day, as our bodies are designed to move and many MSK conditions are aggravated by inactivity. It doesn’t matter if you stretch or run or yoga or swim. Just move. (And smile)
  16. Do something new every day. I think they say to do something every day that scares you. However, start with something new to get you going. Make it easy, change coffee for tea, drink an extra glass of water or try green tea. Mix up the routine and why not try this with a friend for 28-days and see which habits stick.
  17. Sue Vaughan (Chiropodist) shares the importance of wearing appropriate footwear for what you’re doing. i.e. proper walking boots and well-fitting trainers if you enjoy running. She also says ensure house shoes /slippers are not worn or loose to prevent trips and falls.
  18. Leave the car at home or at least park in the furthest point of the car park from where you need to be. Giving you a chance to smile at those you pass, enjoy the sunshine, wind or rain and get a few extra steps in.
  19. Particularly relevant if you sit a lot during the day or have a sedentary job, Izzy Howse (Physiotherapist) shares this clever little tip. Every time you get out of your chair, either to put the kettle on or go to the loo or whatever, sit down and stand up again 5-10 times before going off to do what you were planning to keep your legs fit and strong.
  20. Meditate, this from Lindsey Burden who helps us with our marketing and has become a huge fan raving about taking time out for stillness. She recommends that you start with Good Morning by Abraham Hicks which when short of time she plays in the background when putting her face on.
  21. Do something for others and you will feel amazing because of it. Whether that is checking in on your neighbour, smiling at the petrol station cashier or helping out a friend for no reason but simply because you can.
  22. When unwell be kind to yourself, rest when needed and always seek treatment sooner rather than later. You can only be your very best for others when you are at your very best.
  23. Relax and take a moment to enjoy your day. Such a simple tip shared by Kiri Wilson (Physiotherapist) who explains recent evidence (i.e. work by Professor Peter O’Sullivan) suggests how we feel can influence how we interpret pain – particularly back pain. Kiri is a BIG believer in the idea that relaxation is as important as exercising to maintain a healthy life balance. Anxiety, poor sleep and low moods can all be improved with a little time to yourself. Take a walk, meditate or just do something you enjoy – it’ll make a difference.
  24. Learn to take a compliment, women particularly are terrible at this. Next time you receive a compliment, take it and glow in the moment which has been gifted to you.
  25. Practise gratitude and each morning say thank you for at least three things. From the slippers you wear to the sun shining in your window, from the roof over your head to the car that you drive. There is always something to be grateful for.

Finally, I have the honour of tip number twenty-six.

  1. Surround yourself in Nature… whether by being ‘still’ to enjoy the view and to calm your mind or immersing yourself in Japanese ‘forest bathing’. Get outside, go for a walk in the woods or park or around a field… with a dog, a friend or alone and let the brain wander with the body. This can be both restful and hugely creative!

The mind is vital to physicality and good health. However immobile you may be, whether through ageing, injury or illness the key is to stimulate wellbeing. We hope that our tips have been helpful and encourage you to try one, two or maybe more.

Creating this blog post with the team has been a wonderful experience and made me very happy… I love my team.

Happy Birthday Sarum, it has been amazing and I’m grateful for the journey and experience (although not the flood drama of 2019)! Here’s to the next twenty-six years of bringing health, mobility and happiness to our community.

If you have an injury that is preventing you from getting outside. Or an ache that is stopping you from being active. Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment and let’s get you moving again.