Overpacking is a common problem and according to the research we have done it’s caused by the need to pack for the worst case scenario. If you are using the wrong sized bag (one that is too big for the job) or you’re a last-minute packer (simply throwing everything in) then you are probably overfilling your case.

Now the issue with this oversized and over-full suitcase is that at some point, you will need to carry or lift it. This then puts a strain on our shoulders, neck and lower back and can result in pulled ligaments or muscle and, therefore pain. Not a great way to start or finish your holiday.

The suitcase market is a saturated one, with lightweight options and ones with wheels, so it’s easy to find the right one for you. Now, we don’t sell suitcases, but we do deal with lower back, neck and shoulder pain on a daily basis, and we want you to have a pain-free holiday.


Safe ‘holiday’ lifting tips:

Try to keep your case close to your body.
Don’t tuck your duty-free, holiday read or bottle of water under the arm, put it away.

Don’t twist when lifting.
This can be difficult to achieve when hoisting a bag into the back of the car, for instance, we suggest this might be a two-person job.

Take your time.
There is no rush, okay there might be if your plane is about to take off, BUT remember the old saying ‘more haste, less speed’.

Don’t be a macho man or woman.
If there is a lift in your hotel wait for it, as carrying bags upstairs can be tricky.

Don’t overpack in the first place!
There are hundreds of videos on how to pack a suitcase, and we rather love this article mainly because it starts with don’t overpack!

Finally, our top advice is don’t leave packing till the last minute. Try a packing list, put your clothes out in advance and take miniature toiletries as they are probably your heaviest items.

If you are already suffering aches, pains and niggles, you will overcompensate for them when carrying your bag or suitcase. Book in today for a holiday MOT, and let’s get you pain-free before you fly.