Valentine’s Day is the moment to stop and show yourself some love.

Especially since you may have lept into or dragged yourself into January with good intentions. Promises to be fitter, healthier or just kinder to ourselves!

While for some New Year resolutions may be going well, for others, ‘stuff’ has gotten in the way, and it’s time to recharge the batteries. So February being the month of ‘love’ seemed an opportune moment for us to nudge YOU into showing yourself some kindness!

Life has a funny habit of kicking us, sending us a swerve ball or rushing past. So whether you are a busy mum, high-flying executive, super grandparent or professional sports person – it’s time to STOP!

  Are you already running through 2017 just trying to keep up?
•  Giving yourself a hard time for losing the motivation to keep going with those new year’s resolutions?
•  Is the stress of life holding you back?

Use Valentine’s Day to recharge.

The world is changing around us. A blonde bombshell is running the United States while here in the UK politicians seem unable to support one another, let alone agree with one another! So why not switch off the mobile, ignore the headlines and do something just for you?

If you have aches and pains holding you back from living the life you want, book an appointment to see how we can get you skipping into Spring. Reinvigorating you and back to doing the things you love.

Why not book a massage? Time with us to work out those knots and reduce the stress and tension you are holding in your body. So, you can enjoy the month of love with your shoulders down and walking tall.

Our aim is to keep you moving and doing the things you love, from sports to gardening, from enjoying the outdoors to playing with the grandchildren.

Show yourself some love this Valentine’s and enjoy time out with the fabulous Sarum team.

Want to be healthy, active, independent and pain-free? Book in today!