Hitting the ski slopes can be exhilarating. Plus, you can burn 3000 calories in a six-hour session on the snow! It’s a fantastic sport for all the family, and it’s estimated that 1.5 million Brits grab their skies or snowboard every year!

Skiing and snowboarding are sports where you will use muscles you didn’t know you had and can have a massive impact on your knees and hips! Therefore, preparation is vital, and we are not talking about how good you look in your snow boots.

It is suggested that you prepare your body for a ski holiday six weeks before you go! Strengthening your core and leg muscles and improving your stamina for those hours on the slopes is essential. Not getting your body ski fit can lead to injury. Even worse … time off the skis during your holiday!

Taking lessons on a dry ski slope can help you get the skills you need before you go. And give you an idea of which muscles are going to ache!!

Before you hit the slopes, start exercising to:

•  Protect your knees
  Build leg muscles
•  Improve your cardiovascular
  And don’t forget to give those biceps a workout, as they work as hard as your legs holding those poles.

The thighs are key … and Jenny knows cos hers always burn!!

If you are not a gym bunny, don’t worry. At Sarum, we offer a pre-ski assessment and will create a fitness programme tailored to the age and experience of the skier.

Whether you are looking for family fun on the slopes or hitting the red runs and moguls (the lumpy bits!!). Going off-piste. We ensure the right preparation for an enjoyable time!

Call 01722 415 055 to book your pre-ski assessment and get set for the slopes with Sarum Physio!