Don’t be a slouch. Get off that couch.

It’s that time of year when we talk about resolutions when the phrase ‘New Year, New You’ is banded about.

Instead, we suggest you don’t need a new you but should simply only improve the lovely you. The beautiful you, you already are. Rarely do we need to change everything, and small changes are much more likely to be achievable long term. Meaning you are not making the same resolutions year after year.

Good health is essential – obviously – and brings about positive mental well-being. The good news is that you don’t need to challenge yourself by running a marathon to make a difference (unless you want to).

Here are Sarum’s ideas for simple changes to your lifestyle to achieve an improved and better you. To stop the slouch and get you off the couch.


What we eat and drink has a significant impact on our health. So why not keep a diary for the day to highlight your weaknesses and where you can make changes, from giving up sugar in your tea, moving to decaffeinated hot drinks or reducing the amount of fat in your diet? Look for minor alterations that will make a difference. You can build on as the year progresses and seek help if you are considerably worried about your weight.

Do something amazing

We don’t need to tell you that smoking is bad for you, and while we are focusing on the little things, giving up the white sticks will significantly impact your health. So do this with a friend, seek support from your GP and do something amazing for you! It might be the best thing you ever did, and there is lots of support to help you achieve your goal.


Committing to the gym is a great new year’s resolution. But is it something you will continue … or will it be a January fad and a membership card in your wallet that never sees the light of day? Instead, why not leave the car at home more often, walk the longer route to the shop, or start a walking group with your friends on a lunchtime or evening? Take the stairs, join a dance class, do something fun that increases your heart rate and make it a new regular habit!

Make time for you

We live in a fast-paced world, where our mobiles have become an extension of our arm for most of us. Taking time out and turning off the mobile, if only for an hour a week, will be liberating. Use that hour to read a book, take a bath or book a regular massage or treatment. Schedule this into your diary and make it happen, and please don’t feel obliged to limit yourself to an hour a week!


Getting the right amount of sleep is imperative to health and wellbeing. It is when the body repairs and heals itself, and your brain is busy preparing for the next day. So if you have recognised that you don’t get enough sleep, change your routine. Try switching off the electronics early, enjoy a bath or hot drink and go to bed. It is recommended that you get eight hours a night. So, give it a go and see how amazing you feel in the morning!

One last thing…. an improvement in your posture will reduce the slouch. ?

Don’t be a slouch and get off the couch to create new good habits that you WILL continue throughout 2017 and for a BETTER YOU!

Book an appointment by calling 01722 415 055 if we can help with those new habits. From introducing a regular massage to your routine, an exercise plan to get you making the most of that dance class, to advice on the right shoe to run a marathon! We are here for you.