Did you know it’s Mental Health Awareness Week? Founded in 2001, Mental Health Week is supported by the Mental Health Foundation. The aim of the week is to educate the public about mental health issues and to promote better mental health.

News Flash: Exercise is great for your health and wellbeing

More great news … exercise is beneficial to all and you are never too young or old to start.

The benefits of exercise are huge and include improved sleep, reduction in stress levels and of course a positive impact on your health. Add to this getting those endorphins working and therefore being a mood booster it’s a win win all round.

To stay healthy adults should be active daily. Although sadly with more and more of us leading a sedentary lifestyle, sitting is becoming the norm. With just a few small changes exercise can become part of your daily routine. The opportunities to increase the heart rate and get the blood flowing are there, you just need to take them.

Why not ditch the car and walk to work or the shops or enjoy the school run on foot. Even mowing the lawn is considered a moderate aerobic work out. The key is to mix it up, so if you are not a gym bunny no problem join a walking group, take up Zumba or learn tap-dancing. Make exercise fun and do it with others to keep and stay motivated.

Don’t let old injuries or aches and pains hold you back. Visit your GP if necessary or come and see us. At Sarum Physio, we can create exercise programmes to strengthen muscles, address old and reduce the chance of new injuries.

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