Picking up a racquet, putting on your trainers or walking to work is much easier in the summer. We are inspired by sporting events, have a swimsuit we want to wear and being active becomes part of what we do! In the colder months heading to the gym is less appealing, finding enough layers to exercise in is a chore and running in the rain, quite frankly, is no fun.

According to research, 1 in 3 people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and 29% of British adults experience symptoms of the condition during the winter months.

So how do we keep warm, active and a smile on our face?

Keeping warm is really important to prevent colds, flu and more serious health conditions. Eating well helps. Keeping your home warm and making sure you are wearing enough layers will keep the chills at bay. If you are over 65 and suffer mobility problems, you ideally should keep your home at 18 degrees, and if you can, keep your bedroom at this temperature at night.

Staying active during the winter can be a challenge. While the gym is indoors, it can still be a struggle to get out of the house when it’s cold and windy outside – and to be honest the gym isn’t for everyone.

Our top tips for keeping active and banishing the winter blues:

– Housework is a great way to burn off those calories and keep warm and good for both females and males! Now, if you can’t get the man in your life to put the hoover around – get him to put up those shelves you asked him to do 6 months ago, paint the living room or wash the car!

– Ask your friends and family to recommend a fitness DVD and close the curtains!

– Dust off the exercise bike, hang those clothes up and cycle while watching the television!

– Dance like no one is watching! Put that radio on and shimmy in the kitchen while you are cooking and jive to that beat!.

– The stairs in your house are your biggest friend. You can use the bottom step to exercise on or carry everything upstairs one item at a time to reduce the amount of time you are inactive.

When the sun shines, wrap up and take a walk – bring those shoulders back, pump those arms and walk around the park. Fresh air and wintery sunshine will help banish the winter blues.

If you are suffering aches or pains which are preventing you from being active this winter. Or notice your body talking to you, come see the Sarum Physio team. We are here to keep you moving and doing the things you love!