Mindful exercises for Autumn may not actually be a thing. However, we think Autumn is the perfect time to mix up your exercise routine. And absolutely the time of year to be mindful.

At its simplest mindfulness is no more than creating time to ‘be’. It’s about switching off. And what better way than wrapping up and leaving the house with nothing more on your mind than the aim of increasing your heart rate.

Achieved by grabbing your walking boots or putting on the wellies and heading for the outdoors with a mission to connect with nature. It’s an excuse to be childish and jump in muddy puddles and kick leaves.

While for some Autumn is the season of preparation … for Winter and hibernation. For others, it feels like a new beginning. No matter which camp you’re in we suggest you get outside and make the most of this beautiful season.

Go for a walk to enjoy the crunch of the leaves underfoot and the last of the sunshine on your face. Take in the smells and sights of the countryside or take a walk around your local park.

Even the squelch of leaves and rain on your face can make you feel alive. So don’t let the weather stop you.

Head to the beach at the weekend. Feel the wind in your hair, stop to listen to the sea and smell the salt in the air. Write your name in the sand, fill your pockets with shells and explore the rock pools. Enjoy the moment.

By getting out now and making it a regular habit you are less likely to stay stuck to the sofa over winter.

No matter the weather head out

There is nothing to stop you walking to work or taking a brisk stroll over the lunch period. Why not set a challenge in the office for the heaviest conker or the best wild mushroom photo?

Encourage and support your loved ones and those around you to get out. Because exercise increases endorphins and improves your immune system, meaning healthier and happier Winter.

Join a walking group, try Nordic Walking – get the family together and head out. Take a flask of hot chocolate, chunky sandwiches and homemade cake – walk till you’ve earnt it.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons and the perfect time to be mindful when out and about or exercising. Make the outdoors part of your routine now so when winter comes, snow does nothing more than present a different set of exercise adventures.

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