Green exercise is all the rage and we’re not talking about some new trend to wear fluorescent green Lycra while working out. It is, in fact, YOU exercising outside in the fresh air and we encourage you not to let a little rain put you off.

Since June is Outdoor Month there is no better time to start enjoying the outdoors. Why not join a walking group, give Nordic Walking a try or join the hundreds that attend Parkrun on a Saturday morning? Simply get out and make the most of the green spaces near you.

Here in Salisbury, we’re extremely fortunate to benefit from a fantastic number of green spaces and parks, including the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral which is perfect for a lunchtime walk if you work in the city.

In Churchill Gardens you will find a skatepark, okay you might not have had skateboarding or rollerblading in mind. But you can walk the perimeter of the park, enjoy the views and listen to the river as it bubbles by – mindful walking. Or hop on the outdoor gym equipment you will find located around the park for your use

Jogging, running, cycling, rowing, hiking … the list is endless

Take a skipping rope to the park or gather a few friends to try out a yoga pose or two. Although if you’ve not tried yoga before you might like to attend a class first to get the basics.

Gather the family for a game of rounders or cricket. The spectacular New Forest is just a short drive from Salisbury with more than enough space for this type of activity and picnic blankets.

Outdoor exercise is good for the mind body and soul

It’s recommended that you get 150-minutes exercise a week and its more fun with friends and when outside. The benefits include:

  1. A different type of work out and one that can be harder depending on the type of activity e.g. hiking and the weather.
  2. You will be using all your senses, creating a mindful workout to boost your concentration and increase your energy.
  3. Saves you money as no gym membership required.
  4. It’s sociable because you can do it with friends but equally because you’ll meet people just like you.
  5. You’re getting a natural dose of Vitamin D.

And if that’s not enough … research has found that exercising outdoors “is associated with greater feelings of revitalisation while decreasing tension, confusion, anger and depression. The participants of this particular study also reported greater enjoyment and satisfaction with outdoor activity.

Don’t let a little bit of rain or an ache, pain or old injury stop you from getting outdoors and achieving your 150-minutes of exercise. Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment.