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A great number of sporting and non-sporting people will at some stage in their life suffer from lower limb stress syndrome, affecting primarily knees, hips and feet and shins. There will be little fore-warning of this as it comes on gradually as a result of overload forces from either bodyweight, high volume training, mal-alignment of the foot/leg, prolonged standing posture, or combinations of two or more of these factors.

At Sarum Physiotherapy Centre we pride ourselves on our Biomechanical and orthotic fitting advisory clinic, whereby we are able to determine the sources of these overload forces and guide the patient accordingly along the most effective recovery and rehabilitation route.

By prescribing and fitting balanced orthotics we are able to correct any foot/leg imbalance, by reducing over-pronation or over-supination; biomechanical input like this can quickly reduce those nagging, inhibiting bone and joint pains, allowing a speedier return to the previous activities.

In addition we can also give advice on the most appropriate and effective footwear for your activity. This will probably be different from the sports shoe salesman as we will not be selling you shoes. Only steering you in the right direction for the type of shoe applicable to your foot structure. This will be backed up with a relevant and effective rehabilitation programme to ensure a graduated progressive return to pre-symptom status.

Here at SPC we have had patients struggling for years with lower limb ailments only to be returned to a performance level not experienced since prior to the onset of the symptoms. We enjoy nothing more than achieving their aims within a shorter time-frame than they expected.

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