Stay active this winter and don’t let the weather stop you. Check out our top ways for keeping on the move and feeling great.

Why do you need to stay active in the winter?

Staying indoors and watching a good boxset might be exactly what you want to do when the nights draw in and the weather cools and there is no reason why you can’t. BUT exercise is highly recommended to beat the seasonal blues. Plus, if you’re looking for the best way to keep colds and flu at bay, then exercise is the best medicine as it can help improve your immune system.

Exercise can also curb your cravings – essential in the winter months when we are more likely to reach for the biscuit tin. This is because exercise improves your mood and general wellbeing meaning you don’t feel the urge to comfort eat.

Just because the weather has cooled down doesn’t mean that you can’t find fun activities to keep you fit and healthy. Here are a few ways that the Sarum team came up with to get you started:

Go for a walk, kick leaves and vault stiles (okay maybe not vault them)

Commit to walking regularly, to work, on the school run or at the weekend. Make the most of sunshine when it appears and why not join a walking group. Put the wellies on, squelch through the mud and kick up the puddles

Check out your local swimming pool and join a class

Water-based activity is low-impact, great for strengthening and improving your stamina. Of course, you can also hit the lanes and simply swim but a class is more fun and joining with a friend will give you accountability

Start exercising at home

Although harder to stay motivated there are lots of ways to get active; borrow an exercise DVD or two from friends or hire from your local library. If you don’t live in a bungalow, use the stairs for a workout and we’ve even found some exercises to get you started here.

Join the gym, it’s indoors and out of the wind and cold

The gym isn’t for everyone so how about trying a new class, yoga or Pilates for instance – it doesn’t have to be high impact. Visit your nearest gym to find out what’s on offer and don’t forget exercising with friends is always easier.

Quite simply, get out of the house

Try something new, such as volunteering or helping out at the local hospital. Make it a regular habit to visit friends and family, anything that will get you off the sofa and whenever possible leave the car at home. Interacting with others boosts the feelings of wellbeing which can lead to you being even more active.

Remember warming up and down is important particularly in the cold weather and don’t forget to stay hydrated … and we don’t mean with hot chocolate.

Whatever you decide to do in the coming months, don’t let those old aches and pains stop you. Call us on 01722 415 055 to book an appointment and let’s get you active.