Train hard and win easy, its time to ready yourself for the new season. In just a few weeks summer will be a distant memory and mums across the country will be in their winter woollies pitch side cheering on their little people. Apologies in advance for the next generalisation … men will be heading out to train on muddy pitches and leaving their boots by the front door until the following training session.

The point we are making is that the new season of sport is fast approaching. While training hard is one way of achieving success on the field, this is only possible if you look after that body of yours. Aches, pains and niggles should never be ignored and early intervention key to recovery and to prevent further injury.

Sports injuries take place during training or matches. They can occur for a number of reasons including not warming up (or down) properly, not being at your peak of fitness, poor technique or even pushing yourself too hard. Plus they can happen by accident, incidents beyond your control.

sprained-ankleAffecting any part of the body with strains and sprains are the most common but equally affecting bones, muscles and ligaments.

You can treat most sports injuries yourself with ice and pain relief, along with resting the affected part of the body. On occasion however and where pain persists you should seek medical advice. You may be referred for physio and at Sarum we have nine physiotherapists who each have a different area of specialism, including sports and no referral is required.

Sarum Sports Injury Clinic

A clinic dedicated to sports injuries and where we assess your injury before establishing a treatment plan and providing you with exercises. Plus, give you advice on how to prevent further injury. Our experienced practitioners can provide a multidisciplinary approach to your treatment which might include acupuncture, strapping, massage and of course physio. All under one roof, with free parking to make it that little bit easier to access.

Of course, the Sports Injury Clinic isn’t just there for when you get an injury. You are most welcome to bring old injuries and we highly recommend a visit before the seasons starts if you’re experiencing pain – old or new.

How to avoid sports injury

  1. Get coaching to improve technique
  2. Use the right equipment and that includes the right footwear
  3. Always warm up before training or playing, the same applies to warming down
  4. Do not push yourself beyond your current fitness level
  5. Listen to your body, pain is a sign something is wrong

We are here to keep you fit and active and doing the things you love for as long as you want. Get in touch to speak with our friendly reception team and to make an appointment.