Stay hydrated, no matter what you are doing and especially if you are working out.

Last month, we declared that May was here and summer was coming. It is safe to say that summer has arrived. Hit us with bells on. The sun is shining, the heat has arrived, although a little unbearable for some, and it feels like being abroad.

Suntan lotion is shifting off the shelves faster than ice cream melts, and kids are heading to the water after school. Both signs summer is HERE!

But back to hydration

Hydration is vital in a heatwave. In fact, hydration is critical at any time of the year. But particularly when the weather is warmer and especially if you are continuing your fitness programme. And when I say programme, it might be a regular walk with friends, a weekly class or rambling in the beautiful countryside.

What people forget, and when I say people, I mean all of us, is that staying hydrated is crucial because it:

  • Regulates your body temperature.
  • Keeps your joints lubricated.
  • Helps to prevent infections.
  • Delivers nutrients to your cells and
  • keeps your organs functioning properly.

Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. Boom, it’s a win win and we are incredibly fortunate to have the valuable water resource at the twist of a tap.

How to stay hydrated

You are already dehydrated when you reach for a glass of water because you are thirsty. So, make drinking water what you do and not something you must remember. Start with a glass before your breakfast tea or coffee, and add a few slices of lemon for colour and taste. Buy yourself a water bottle that helps you to track how much you are drinking.

Stay hydrated, your skin will glow, and your memory will improve. Plus, you will feel less tired, and if exercising or following a fitness routine, you will be ahead of the hydration game.

Hydration and exercise

Working on the basis that you are staying hydrated before and after exercise, think in terms of sweat. Okay, that isn’t very pleasant, but in essence, you are replacing the fluid lost from sweating, meaning how much you need depends on the type of exercise and sweat loss.

Ideally and recommended, is that you continue to take sips of water during your workout.

Hydration and Sarum

You might wonder where Sarum comes in and how we are linked to hydration. Well, at the beginning of this blog, I told you that staying hydrated keeps your joints lubricated. Well, when they are not, injury can occur. When this happens, think Sarum.

Equally, if working out when tired, perhaps due to difficulty sleeping because of the heat at night, again injury can occur. Think Sarum.

One last thing. Seek attention at the earliest possibility for all injuries to allow our or any practitioner the best chance of getting you back to doing what you love as quickly as possible. Injuries left untreated have a nasty habit of getting worse, resulting in a longer recovery time.

So, no time like the present. If you have an injury, ache, pain or niggle call 01722 415 055 to make your appointment with one of our fabulous team.