What does fitness mean to you, and six questions to help you start your fitness journey, just in case the recent London Marathon has inspired you. A race you might remember our Richard ran, so before I share my questions…

Please join me in congratulating Richard on finishing the London Marathon in 04:50:12. An incredible achievement, and he is now resting and protecting his calf, which he injured during training.

Okay, back to the blog.

Being physically fit means different things to different people, and you might not want to run a marathon. Instead, you may want to improve your fitness level and move more easily or a little further without getting out of breath.

At the heart of being physically fit is having a healthy body and mind, which goes beyond fitness in the traditional sense. It is about taking care of yourself, your whole self.

What does fitness mean to you?

This is the first and most important question and may or may not need you to run a full or half marathon. It may not require a pair of running shoes at all. So, if fitness to you is about taking better care of your mind, body and soul, it might be walking more often. It could be joining a hiking group or spending more time doing what you love, wild swimming, for instance. Or simply spending more time with those you love outside.

How would you like to improve your fitness?

Maybe your body isn’t as flexible as it was, and a Pilates class is what you need. On the other hand, perhaps you know that life is one long rush, and you’d like to slow down a little. In this case, taking up meditation could be what you need. Then, of course, fitness might mean improving your body shape, losing a little weight, and you decide to join the gym. Most importantly, a bonus question is… what do you fancy trying or giving a go to achieve your fitness goal?

What would motivate you to commit to or achieve your fitness goal?

For some, nothing is better than pounding the streets alone with their thoughts, favourite playlist or podcast. They prefer working out alone, focused on an activity and without the distraction of a workout buddy. While it might be that the social side is essential for you and because well-being is just as much a part of fitness, a group-based activity might suit you better. The options are endless: netball, walking football, golf, joining a club, running or hiking group.

Where are you starting from?

This question is vital to help prevent injuries and to ensure you stay committed to your fitness goals. So, while you might ultimately want to run a marathon, how can you work towards this in a way that suits you and your starting point? I would also recommend you give a little thought to any past injuries or present aches and pains – as it might be worth addressing these as step one in your plan (which is where we come in). Finally, use this question to think about your overall health today and seek advice if need be before starting any new activity.

What is the ultimate fitness goal?

I have mentioned goals several times, and while they are wonderful things and something to work towards. The why behind them is more compelling. So, decide why this is important when considering your fitness goals. Then, get to the heart of your why by considering the benefit of achieving your goal. Finally, what is your timeline or timeframe for achieving your goal? And remember, fitness is about having a healthy body and mind – it’s not a race.

When will you start?

Yes, it’s all very well coming up with how, why and deciding on your goal. But if you don’t start, well, nothing will change. Please don’t tell yourself you will start in the summer. When your friend can begin or when you can fit in the Lycra shorts at the back of the cupboard. There is nothing to stop you from starting today, with a walk to the shops, around the block – signing up for the class, joining the club or gym. The power is in the first step taken – no pun intended.

How can Sarum help you improve your fitness?

Well, in many ways, and we are here for the elite athletes and grandparents who want to chase their grandchildren around the park and win. The gardeners, the golfers, the walkers and runners – I could go on.

At Sarum, you can access our incredible physios who can create personalised exercise programmes. Our wonderful chiropodist who keeps your feet fit for achieving your goals. In addition, we have sports massage specialists and offer a sports injury clinic – and biomechanics is all part of the service.

So, go ahead and give us a call on 01722 415 055 to make your appointment, and let us join your fitness team.