When it is cold outside, exercising is the last thing on your mind. It’s that time of year when channel hopping and reaching for the chocolates you’ve hidden from the kids is the only activity you fancy.

Yet, if you stop now it will be harder to re-motivate yourself and return to exercising in January. The time of year when suddenly you want to drop a few pounds and improve your fitness.

Physical activity is good for the mind and soul. Please don’t let the chilly mornings and darker evenings prevent you from continuing with your exercise regime or staying active.

If you’re thinking, “easy for you to say Jenny I’ve family descending, presents to buy, school performances to attend and not forgetting I’d like to get my nails done”. For the gentlemen reading this, your list may be slightly different and most likely not require getting your nails done.

However, Christmas is when life speeds up and there is more in the diary to juggle. It can be extremely stressful for many and leave little ‘spare time’ for you and nothing for exercising.

At Sarum, we get it and totally understand. So today we’re sharing our favourite ways to stay active during this festive period.

Seven Ways to Keep Active

  1. Park the car away from the shops and make regular trips back to deposit those carefully selected gifts.
  2. Arrange your family gatherings in the outdoors. Go for a walk or even better head to the beach to blow the cobwebs away.
  3. Turn the music up and clean the house while singing as if no one is listening.
  4. Instead of coming in after work and immediately hitting the sofa, spend the first thirty minutes being active. Check out the NHS website for indoor exercises and more.
  5. Ditch the lift and take the stairs, and at home instead of trying to carry everything up in one go spread the load with more than one trip.
  6. Got a room that needs spring cleaning or a garage that needs clearing then do it, don’t wait for Spring.
  7. Ditch Facebook funny videos for YouTube exercises or try the Ten Minute Cardio Workout, again from the NHS website.

Finally… start saying NO. This can be tricky, but you really don’t have to say yes to every invitation you receive. Be kind to you during this festive period.

If you can already feel stress in your neck and shoulders please book a massage and let one of our fabulous team release the tension that’s starting to show up.

And don’t forget Sarum does vouchers. So if you’re looking for a gift for that someone special in your life, the sports fanatic or want to give pain relief, pop into our reception.