Creating your rhythm of life is a blog inspired by the Rhythm of Life being performed this month at Salisbury Art Centre by Musical Theatre Salisbury.

Which got me thinking …. what rhythm or drumbeat are you rolling with?

While we still on occasion get to enjoy glorious sunshine, days are shorter and nights are colder. The chaos of Christmas is almost upon us and life can feel pretty stressful. Which raises the question are you doing what you need to do or living life to its fullest?

Rhythm of Life, a show that I’m thrilled to be part of features songs from popular musicals representing travelling through life. Songs that are toe-tapping, that make your heart zing and may even bring a tear of emotion. Songs that make you feel alive, hence the writing of this blog.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and stop rushing around.

There is never a better time to start putting yourself first. Changing your rhythm and dancing to a new beat is easy if you allow it and doesn’t take ‘big’ changes. Keep it simple and make it easy – make it fun.

It doesn’t even require dancing. It’s simply about deciding what you want to do and making it happen.

Perhaps you want to spend more time outside or with family – decide you will and start. Need to improve your health? Then start walking to work or join a class with a friend.

Even the smallest of things can help, try it. Turn the radio up and sing at the top your voice or dance in the kitchen like no one is watching. Get tickets for the local Pantomime and enjoy the slip-stick humour of a bygone age. Try watching a comedy instead of the usual docudramas that leave you exhausted.

Turn it up, switch it up and bring more laughter into your life because:

  • Laughter decreases stress hormones in the body
  • Helps to keep illness at bay
  • Can reduce pain and aid healing
  • Is good for the heart and one minute of laughing burns the same number of calories as six to ten minutes on a treadmill.

Your rhythm is not the schedule, the priorities or deadlines, it is the principles that influence these. It’s how you want to show up and the impact you decide to make on your world or the whole wide world.

It’s saying I’m here and going to have the most fun ever during this glorious life I’ve been gifted and I’m going to laugh every day. Make the decision and don’t allow the stress and chaos to define your festive season.

And if you are looking for an evening of laughter, dancing and singing, I can recommend the awesome Musical Theatre Salisbury and the fabulous Rhythm of Life and not just because I’m in it. You can still get tickets here.