It’s been a tough year for Salisbury but it’s coming back with glitter.

Depending on how well you know Salisbury in Wiltshire where we’re located you may or may not be aware of the year we’ve had. Never would any of us have linked the city with nerve agent or spies. Yet, the city has received worldwide coverage because of both.

The incident earlier in the year has affected individuals but particularly businesses. Only in the last few weeks did Zizzi’s restaurant reopen. Fortunately, we are starting to see our city return to some form of normality, yellow hazard tape and Police on every street corner now a thing of the past.

Christmas lights are on, the tree is up and the city is preparing itself for the festive period, which has got us thinking. Dangerous we know!

Getting and staying active in winter doesn’t need to involve the gym. From singing to ice-skating .. there are many ways to boost your energy levels. If you find your motivation to exercise flags in winter … why not try some of our suggestions below.

Try something different

In the centre of Salisbury, you can enjoy a real ice-rink – real as in real ice! Open from 29th November, take a spin at lunchtime or go with the family. Completely closed in, you can even shelter from the rain and while a triple salchow might be a stretch, getting on the ice will be fun and increase your heart rate.

Get out of the house

The Christmas Market also opens on the 29th and always worth a browse. Wrap up warm, walk the city, browse the chalets and enjoy a mulled wine. Just getting out in the fresh air will do you the power of good. Just remember to take care of those shoulders carrying your shopping bags. Walk back to the car regularly to offload, adding a few more steps to your daily challenge while taking care of your neck, shoulders and stopping that painful tennis elbow making a return.

Sing like your life depends on it

Believe it or not, singing has huge physical benefits, from boosting your immune system to improving your sleep. Go on, attend a carol service or join in with the choirs you will find in the city over the coming weeks. Tap your toes and give it a wiggle to lower those stress levels.

On the topic of singing

Our very own Jenny Mears will be performing in Sister Act. This year’s production by the Musical Theatre Salisbury, she apparently is playing the batty nun. Laugher really is the best medicine and can lower your blood pressure! It also improves your cardio fitness, works the abs and triggers the release of endorphins … great for pain relief. Book your ticket here.

The Festive period can be stressful so find alternative ways to continue your exercise regime and stay active by trying something new. Perhaps you’ll be inspired by Jenny on stage or catch the ice-skating bug – you won’t know until you try.

If else fails and Christmas is starting to get to you …. call our fabulous reception team on 01722 415 055 and book a massage.