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Want to maximise your body’s ability to function normally so you can do the things you love?

It’s not about the services we offer but how we work, and our aim is to keep YOU moving. Doing the things YOU love for as long as you want, from sports to gardening, from enjoying the outdoors to playing with the grandchildren.

Here to help you do what you love faster, better or more easily.

So whether that be a smoother swing on the golf course, faster time in your next Parkrun or increased mobility, we can help. And we do this by giving you access to a fabulous team of highly experienced practitioners who provide a multidisciplinary approach to your treatment. Meaning you receive the treatment that meets your needs and lifestyle.

Physio is for all the family.

So, we also look after the little people in your life by offering Paediatric Physiotherapy. Which is how we help babies, children and young people to reach their full potential through physical intervention, advice and support.

Maximise your body’s ability to thrive on life’s challenges.

  • Sports injury, back or neck pain?
  • Post-Surgery?
  • Arthritis and mobility issues?
  • Postural problems?

Wherever it hurts, we can help (and may offer you a combination of services and treatments).

After thoroughly assessing the problem and listening to your aims and objectives, we recommend the right treatment for YOU

“I have had regular treatment from Kiri and the care and attention she has given me, has resulted in freeing up muscles and use of hand and greater flexibility, I would highly recommend her in any field of her profession.” Margaret Cleeve

Sarum Physio: Expertise. Experience. Empathy.