Why you want to do something is way more important than how. Let me explain.

At times in your life, because of personal events, something that jumps out at you from your Facebook feed or you see on television, you make a decision. That might be to live a healthier life, take better care of yourself or improve your fitness. All awesome by the way.

This decision may have come about because you’ve heard Parkrun is starting again soon (which is very exciting). Perhaps you’ve realised that you’re not quite as mobile as you used to be, or that your trousers are a little tighter. No matter, you have decided and are ready to get back on the bike, out on the golf course or dust off your running shoes.

You manage a couple of healthy days avoiding the biscuit tin, you even go for a run or two before hitting the sofa again. I’ve shortened this sequence as I’ve much greater faith in you BUT more often than not our motivation is lost, day to day stuff gets in the way and boom you are back sneaking chocolate from the kids.

The reason for this is you’ve not got clear on the why.

Why you want to live a healthier life, improve your fitness, run a marathon, open water swim! Even if you had a ‘good reason’ such as wanting a beach-ready body, realising your pre-lockdown clothes no longer fit and more seriously that you feel unwell, you’re lacking the why.

If you’ve not found your why (yet), here are three questions to help you. Play around with the wording to fit what you want to do, dig deep and be honest with yourself.

  • If I was fitter/healthier I would be able to…?
  • If I start exercising my health will improve because…?
  • Losing weight will mean that…?

Think about what really matters, the next level of understanding that goes beyond simply wanting to wear a certain pair of trousers or your favourite dress. What would being fitter/healthier really mean to you? What would it enable you to do that perhaps you can’t do right now or has become a challenge?

The next steps are to:

  • Set a goal, that is a stretch (no pun intended) but achievable. That feels good and provides you with a way of monitoring your progress, so you can celebrate along the way.
  • Seek help and support. Always much easier with a friend, something I’ve written about before and you can read that blog here.
  • Consider what might prevent you from achieving your goal, forewarned and all that.
  • Write your why down and look at it every day. This will help you to stay connected and motivated.

How can Sarum help you?

Well, if you’ve an old injury, a new ache or pain that might stop you from taking the next step (again no pun intended), we are here. To treat any injury (new or old) but also to support in attaining your goal; helping you to stay injury-free with exercise plans designed especially for you.

Come and talk to us, tell us what you want to achieve and yes we want to hear your why, Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment and let us become part of your support team.