Recovery begins with injury prevention and accessing the right treatment fast. And maintaining peak physical condition on the pitch.

With the Six Nations well underway and seeing the physical demands on the players and some of those injuries sustained, it is worth remembering the importance of injury prevention, fast treatment, and sorting out those niggling injuries that you “worked through” over the season in readiness for the next.

Recover faster by seeking treatment earlier

Football, rugby, hockey and netball demand quick changes in speed and direction. The whole body takes part, knees, ankles, shoulders, back, and neck! Pulled or torn muscles, such as hamstrings, calf and hip flexors, need to be treated fast to speed up healing, reduce scar tissue, and avoid loss of flexibility and strength.

At Sarum Physio, we have a team of seven physios, including Salisbury Rugby Club player Rich Gilbert. Rich works late on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and in addition, Colin Campbell is a specialist in growth and development conditions. Cally Morfitt, a strength and conditioning coach and sports masseur, recently joined the team.

Treatment can consist of deep tissue massage, ultrasound, interferential, acupuncture, taping and exercises. Individual training programmes can be created to suit fitness, age and ability. A combination of strength, flexibility, endurance, core -stability, coordination and balance rehabilitation can make all the difference to a good recovery. To help you recover, get back on the pitch, and, perhaps most importantly, reduce long-term damage.

For an appointment, call Sarum Physio on 01722 415 055.