Do you know what to expect from a physio session? It’s easy for us physios to forget that while a session is normal for us, when YOU attend a physio treatment for the first time it’s all new.

You might even be nervous. With this in mind, the lovely Lindsey Burden kindly offered to write about her experience.

Lindsey supports Sarum with our marketing efforts, so she knows the business well but had not been a patient before. She came to me suffering pain in her right knee, pain that had materialised following her move last December. But I’ll let her tell you all about it.

“Last December the family moved into a new home. Following the sale of our bungalow and having lived with my mum for almost a year. I mention this because I’d been suffering from knee pain for some time in the bungalow. Although was thrilled when this disappeared living with mum and put it down to the two flights of stairs I was up and down for ten months. Presuming this exercise had strengthened the muscles supporting my knee cap – not that I know!

Our new home is just a few minutes walk from the school and it’s wonderful being able to walk my children two and from the school gate every day. Yet I was soon experiencing acute pain in the right knee on the way down the hill – making me pull up and stop.

Enough was enough and I contacted my healthcare provider who I knew worked with Sarum. With a file/case number (or whatever they called it) in hand and four sessions authorised I called the wonderful reception team at Sarum and made my first appointment. ‘Don’t forget to bring a pair of shorts they said’.

Walking into Sarum is medicine in itself, a smile from the lovely Jan and Jenny bouncing out of her room with open arms. I’ve seen her do that many times for clients when I’ve visited on ‘business’ so I know it wasn’t just because it was me. It’s that welcome which puts you immediately at ease.

What happens in the treatment room?

Even though I’ve known Jenny for years and been complaining about my knees to her for as many. This was a new problem and Jenny took a full history and she didn’t make me feel silly for not coming sooner. Or belittle the problem or pain which I was only experiencing when walking down the hill.

After lots of questions, all easy to answer and getting me to stand in front of the mirror. I was soon lying on the couch enjoying an ultrasound treatment which I have to say is very relaxing. While doing this we talked about exercises I could do and Jenny knowing me very well only gave me one!

Ultrasound done Jenny got the needles out for acupuncture. Explaining the points and what each would do. I’m not scared of needles but acupuncture can feel a little alien. Although there is nothing to worry about as Jenny’s fabulous sense of humour keeps you occupied! Needles in Jenny told me about a knee strap I could try for those walks down the hill. I’d ordered one on Amazon (other retailers are available) by the time she was taking the needles out.

I left the treatment room feeling that I’d been treated, cared for and that Jenny totally understood the problem and me! Even better because Sarum works regularly with my healthcare provider I didn’t have to do anything but book another appointment. It was so easy.

What happens when you leave your shorts at home?

I arrived for my second appointment straight from a meeting. This isn’t a problem except when you leave your shorts at home. Apparently, this happens regularly as Jan was able to provide me with a pair. Although think I might have to find them some ladies shorts for the cupboard!

I’d been doing my one exercise religiously for two weeks. Jenny was very impressed and could see results in muscle tone and confirmed I’d been a good patient. Although I’d struggled with using the strap and probably easier in the summertime when I’m wearing shorts Jenny didn’t give me a hard time.

On this, my second appointment Jenny worked on both knees with ultrasound and acupuncture. I left with a second exercise to add to my routine which I admit to being less religious in doing as the first which I have no problem doing daily.

I’ve had four appointments and a fifth follow up one is in the diary in four weeks. There is a definite improvement in the pain for which I’m very grateful.

Would I recommend physio, Sarum and Jenny – hell yes!

The overall experience was painless and so much fun. Jenny got me and understood that giving me a sheet of exercises was futile! She has the ability to put you at ease quickly and listens!

While I always recommended Jenny simply from knowing her and the business, I can now recommend her as a patient. Jenny rocks and is a tonic that should be available on the NHS!”

Goodness Lindsey, I’m blushing, thank you for sharing your experience.

If you’re looking for a physio, Sarum has nine each with their own area of specialism. Mine is sports, although knee pain from downhill walking and school runs always welcome! Call 01722 415 055 to make an appointment.