Sports injury treatment

I get a lot of questions with regards to ‘Sports Massage’, Such as, ‘what does it involve? How will it help me? When should I have one when I’m training for an event? Whether it is the marathon season or a goal to cycle from John’O’Groats to Lands End, if you are coming up to an event, it is so important to look after yourself to avoid injuries. There is a lot of evidence out there, but from personal experience also, I have given some tips for those in training.

Sports massage/ Remedial Massage/ Deep Tissue Massage or however it may be referred, is a natural remedy intending to incur the following physiological and psychological benefits:

– Relief of muscle tension and spasm

– Improved blood flow / circulation

– Enhanced muscle recovery

– Break down of scar tissue – and increased tissue flexibility

– Promotes relaxation

In this respect it can be used to prevent injuries pre-event and accelerate your recovery post-event. It can help muscles work more efficiently by improving circulation and break down scar tissue that may have developed from old injuries. In addition it can identify areas of tension, which you may not have noticed whilst training and prevent potential problems/ injuries developing.

As a runner myself, I incorporate massage as part of my training, this way I am aware of its pre & post event benefits.  Massage post-event has been found to prevent the onset of muscle soreness.  Without exception, if there is an event you’re training for make sure you are preparing properly so as to avoid injury further down the line.

I tend to advise patients not to train 24- 48 hours after a massage. Some sports teams use massage directly before a game to enhance performance. However, if you were not used to having regular massages, I would recommend not having one directly before an event as this may affect your performance.  If you haven’t been having massages regularly I would therefore suggest a massage a week or two prior to your event.

My evening clinic runs on a Wednesday from 5pm, I look forward to seeing you.

Kiri Wilson