We are glorious and together so much more. It’s not the usual opening to one of my blogs, but this is no ordinary blog.

As a physiotherapist, I’m interested in your body, how it works and how you move. My whole career has been focused on helping my clients and patients move more easily. Helping them to run faster, cycle without pain –  be more of themselves when doing what they love.

Yet, the core of physiotherapy is the whole body… so it is not solely about the bones, muscles, and tendons. Or any of the other parts that make up your body, and when I think of the whole body, I include mind and soul. All interconnected and all part of who you are.

In fact, over the last few years, you may have noticed a leaning towards wellbeing in my writing, encouraging you outside to be in the moment and to breathe more deeply.

We Are Glorious is a blog with a difference while still linked to the whole of you.

My youngest is an artist, an incredible one at that (although I do recognise, I’m biased), and he recently took part in the Moving Embers A Day to Connect. An event that was held at the working Dummer Down Farm in Hampshire. A magical place in its own right; add breathwork, art and incredible food… A Day to Connect took it to another level.

I already love Autumn, so I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to transition into this beautiful season from Summer. I went with some friends and was blown away. The breathing and resettling, the letting go and bringing with me – something I’ve not experienced before in the way A Day to Connect offered.

A day that provided us with time to pause, reflect, and connect with that which has passed or is passing. We embrace the earth and the movement of all that is around us. The food from Worthy Earth Farm, which uses the no-dig method, was incredible, as you can imagine.

And if you’ve not heard about the no-dig method, you can find out more here, but in principle, it gives you permission to stop weeding and lets the soil work its magic.

Connection ran through the day.

My son’s friend Simon Lamb helps individuals access a sense of self through four coaching techniques and introduced us to breathwork and movement, with a focus on reconnection. It was a truly incredible experience, and he is an extraordinary young man. On his website there is a wonderful statement… Thank you, earth. You know the way. … which reading fills me with joy.

I also got to see my son in action demonstrating the connection between the making of his art with clay and the earth. Yes I was proud but I was also in awe of his demonstrated and the message he shared.

While the setting was amazing and played a part in making each and every element of the day special. Most of all it was an overwhelming feeling of love for nature, life and the world we live in. Leaving me feeling that the sum of the parts was so much greater, the food, botanical drinks, art, breathwork – all making it a day to remember.

Physiotherapy involves the whole body…

You/we are glorious and should find a way of celebrating this incredible life we have been gifted every day. Not just on special retreat days. Find ways to feed the body, mind and soul through nature. Perhaps walking bare foot – catching raindrops in our mouth – feel the elements against our skin.